Floratine Promise

We understand that your professional reputation and livelihood are largely dependent upon the quality of the turgrass you manange. Floratine promises to deliver the purest, most technologically advanced foliar and soil-based solutions with expert agronomic support to help you maintain superior turfgrass quality in formidably conditions.

The Andersons Company

The Andersons Turf & Specialty Group, originally established in the 1960s to serve the professional turf market, leverages its core competencies in nutrients, formulating, pesticide carrier development and supply chain management to serve some of the biggest global marketers of turf and ornamental products

Our Mission and Values

Phoenix Environmental Care is dedicated to offering you greater value in the turf and aquatic pesticides you need every day.  We do that by selecting effective, popular fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and other established products whose patents have expired, and then we improve them. 

About Gro-Power

Gro Power, Inc. has been manufacturing Humus based fertilizers/soil conditioner since 1966.  All of our basic products contain true plant-based Humus, Humic Acids and beneficial soil bacteria.  Gro Power is designed to increase the soil's fertility by adding high quality organic matter (Humus) and beneficial soil micro-organisms back into the soil.

Our Mission

At JRM our obsession is to provide the industry with the very finest products possible.  We are committed to continually challenging the current technology and the quaility of materials and design.  We are committed to developing new and unique products that will improve the golf maintenance industry and make the task of maintaining and improving your golf course easier.

About Jacklin Seed

Jacklin Seed offers a full product line of elite turfgrass varieties including: Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Creeping Bentgrass, Tall and Fine Fescue, Zoysiagrass, Bermuda, and other specialty grasses.  With knowledgeable distributors around the world and over 70 years of experience, from prominent golf courses to roadsides, Jacklin has the world covered

About Select Source

Select Source is a full line manufacturer and wholesaler of turf, ornamental, agricultural, and specialty chemical products dedicated to offering competitive pricing and exceptional customer service.